lunes, 15 de marzo de 2010

Chorcha River Dam Update:

It has been more than 3 years since we first heard of the plan of a Columbian company to dam the Chorcha River to produce power for the Central American Electric Grid. (None of our communities have electricity and there is currently no plan to receive it). The tireless efforts of the Ngöbe to prevent the environmental, social and cultural damage that this project promises have produced little fruit in face of the economic power of the company, back by the government.


In December the company landed by helicopter within Ngöbe reservation territory with National Guard and private security armed with M16 semi-automatic rifles. The company spent several weeks realizing design studies at the river while the residence of Quebrada de Arena lived in fear their lives. The company left with the promise to return shortly.


“If want to cultivate peace, protect creation” was the 2010 New Years message of the Pope to all Catholics and people of good will. The violence that surrounds environmental destruction becomes more apparent each day, and it’s repeatedly the poorest who suffer most.


We pray that true peace comes to this situation, that the dignity of the Ngöbe be respected, their voice be heard, and that the integrity of God’s creation be revered.

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